Within the last three weeks the students of the 2nd forms have thoroughly dealt with the unit “Ancient Egypt”. They have not only heard about what life and food was like back then, but they have also investigated topics like mummification, pyramids, pharaohs and hieroglyphics. What is more, the students were able to deepen their knowledge of the topic as part of a station operation and they gained deep insights into life in ancient Egypt. To sum up the content of the previous weeks, the students designed a pyramid with the most important information. In recognition for their hard work, an unforgettable journey was organized by their teachers – a trip combining learning, exploration, and the joy of the holiday season.

On the 7th of December 2023, the students took a trip to the awe-inspiring Tutanchamun and Egypt exhibition, where ancient history came to life. Our students were transported through time and discovered the mystique and grandeur of ancient Egypt in an immersive exhibition. From the intricate artifacts to the captivating stories behind them, our students were enchanted, and they absorbed every detail with fascination and curiosity.

However, our adventure didn’t stop there. Vienna’s enchanting Christmas market in front of the castle “Schönbrunn” added a magical touch to our trip. The festive decorations and the scent of roasted chestnuts got us in the mood for the pre-Christmas period and we enjoyed spending time with friends outside our school grounds.

This excursion wasn’t just a sightseeing tour—it was a reward for our students’ hard work and dedication. It exemplified the teachers’ commitment to providing enriching experiences that go beyond classroom learning. They clearly want to encourage their students to explore the outside world and be open for new adventures.

As we bid farewell to Vienna, our hearts were full of cherished memories and newfound knowledge. It was a unique and memorable excursion, and we hope it inspired the students to continue their academic endeavors with passion and enthusiasm.